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released 27 february 2015



Toine Thys: tenor, soprano saxophones, bassclarinet, compositions
Arno Krijger: Orgue Hammond B-III
Antoine Pierre: drums



DERvISH "Abstracks "
June 2014


DERvISH ‘Abstracks’ : lien ITUNES
(buy it here)

Dries Laheye: bass
Patrick Dorcean: drums and production
Toine Thys: processed sax, keys, production




Toine Thys: tenor, soprano saxophones, bassclarinet, compositions
Arno Krijger: Orgue Hammond B-III
Joost van Schaik: drums

released 10 September 2010

You can enjoy music for free.
These tunes are the result of a hard working process.

Toine Thys: tenor Sax and Clarinets
Benjamin Clement: acoustic and electric Guitars
Eric Bribosia: keys
Nathan Wouters (on the cd): bass
Dries Laheye: (in concerts): bass
Steven Cassiers : drums

"Flirtant avec le rock, le jazz comme la pop, RACKHAM dépasse les frontières établies au profit d’une musique inventive"






Toine Thys: tenor Sax and Clarinets
Benjamin Clement: acoustic and electric Guitars
Laurent Blondiau: trumpet
Bart Maris: trumpet
François Verrue: acoustic Bass
Teun Verbruggen: drums

« Police, Morphine, even Radiohead… the Record ‘JUANITA is a great CD» Sam Christophe in LA MEUSE.

released 01 December 2006

Third album of band TAKE THE DUCK, it was recorded LIVE AT UMIT, university in Austria, and released by record label Coco.
It features the band at the end of a month tour through 6 countries, with saxophonist and leader Toine Thys, leader trumpetist Daniel Noesig, bass player Robert Jukic and drummer Thorsten Grau.

released 01 October 2006


"TAKE THE DUCK" is an international Jazz Quartet founded in 1998 by Toine Thys (B) on alt sax and Daniel Noesig (A) on trumpet.
The rhythm section of "TAKE THE DUCK" is Robert Jukic (Slo) on acoustic bass and Thorsten Grau (D) on drums.

This second CD of band Take The Duck was recorded in Austria and Belgium, with guests musicians Maarten van der Grinten on guitar, and Martin Reiter on Rhodes.

released 01 January 2004


First album of the band.
With the following personnel:

Daniel Noesig: trumpet
Toine Thys: alt and soprano saxophones
Thorsten Grau: drums
Nicolas Thys: bass
Eric Surmenian: bass
Eric van der Westen: bass

On Ducktones Records

released 01 January 2002

September 2014 - Bartok Records

Matthieu Marthouret : Hammond Organ
Toine Thys : Tenor sax
Gauthier Garrigue: drums



Guillaume van Parys: alt sax, compositions
Achille Outtara: bass
Moise Outtara: drums
Zouratié Kone: percussions
Yizih: tenor sax
Toine Thys: tenor and soprano sax
Laurent Blondiau: guest on trumpet

Afrikän Protoköl
" Freedom from the Known "
May 2014

Nicolas Pfeiffer: guitar, compositions
Tony Paelman: piano, fender Rhodes
Joachim Govin: bass
Fred Pasqua: drums
Toine Thys: tenor sax
Camille Poupat: sax alto


Nicolas Pfeiffer Cosmopolitan : "Youth"
release en 2014

Guillaume van Parijs : sax, compositions
Achille Outtara : Basse
Moise Outtara :Batterie
Zouratié Kone, Yizih : Percussions
Toine Thys :Sax
Laurent Blondiau: Trompette

Afrikän Protoköl
"Call for Transformation"
September 2013

With Eric Legnini, Nicolas Thys,
Toine Thys, Ivan Paduart, Charles Loos,
David Linx, Nathalie Lories, Paolo Radoni,
J-L Rassinfosse, Pierre van Dormael,…


Quetzal Records 2013
Stéphane Mercier: Duology



Clean feed, CF199CD (2010)

Hugo Antunes, Daniele Martini, Toine Thys, João Lobo, Marek Patrman.

Hugo Antunes "Roll call"

MANGROVIA, Zipzop (Bang - 2005)




Sacha Toorop

Etienne Richard, Fred Delplancq, , Bilou Doneux, Manu Hermia, Chris Mentens, Daniel Stokart, Toine Thys, Lionel Beuvens.





No Vibrato "You are in my song",
Alone Blue, 2005.

Uanciu Free Ambra Day Live 2003,
San Teodoro, 2003
Manolo Cabras 4tet
w/ Manolo Cabras, Carlo Sezzi, Augusto Pirodda,
Toine Thys.


Manolo Cabras 4tet

Music in Business (in concertenreeks), 2000, The Hague, Niels Bjerg 4tet, w/ Niels Bjerg, Thorsten Grau, Manolo Cabras.






Niels Bjerg 4tet

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